Sunday, December 27, 2015

Writing in Style

Writing in style! 
Hello again dear ladies! I'd like to share with you a quick tutorial on how to make a floral pen. These little pens are so feminine and elegant. Full of charm. They would make a nice addition to any keeper at homes desk. Or a lovely gift for a sister in Christ. You're bound to smile while using them. They're super simple to make and frugal as well. I love simple and I love frugal! So let's get to it shall we?

You'll need:
Floral tape (found near the fake flowers in the craft section of your local store)
Fake flowers
Hot glue gun
Glue sticks for your gun
Sharp Knife (possibly)
Scissors (possibly)

What you'll do: 
First you want to remove the caps from your pen and the very end of your pen. You can save your lids and use them if you'd like. I discarded ours as my wee little one finds them the right size to stick in her mouth. On some pens you might be able to pop the end off. If that is the case, great!!! If not then you'll have to take a knife to them. This will require some girl strength and the end results will not be pretty but that's ok. Your lovely flower you 'picked' will cover the ugliness up. Once, you've removed all that you'll want to start wrapping your pen in the floral tape. See picture below.

You'll want to wrap all the way up the pen. See picture below. I hotglued my ends down to keep them in place. 

Your next step is to remove your 'hand picked' flower from its lovely green stem. Some of my flowers I was able to just pluck off and some I had to cut away at. I found that a couple of slashes with the scissors followed by some twisting and bending did the job. See picture below. And no you are not going crazy. I did, in fact, change locations. 

Once all your flowers are removed you'll take your hot glue gun and squeeze some glue into the top of your pen. Push your flower down into that hole that you just liberally filled with glue. Place this pen to the side and finish up the rest. After all your flowers are glued down you'll take some more floral tape and wrap around the bottom part of your flower and top part of your pen. Hot glue it down. This just gives some stability to your flower. See picture below.

That is it! You have made your very own floral pen! Place your lovlies in a cute container and enjoy! 

I do so hope you decide to make these! They really are delightful and add a functional feminine touch to a room! 


  1. So pretty...we might have to give these lovelies a try!

    1. Oh yes you must! You can get really creative and use lace tape or washi tape or even twine. If you 'pick' the right flower you could embellish it with a lovely gem!!!!

  2. These look really fun! It's always nice to have flowers around, and then the practical use of a pen to.

    1. They're really a win-win for looks and practicality. Have a blessed night! :)

  3. This is another wonderful idea. People can now find them so much easier. This makes a cute inexpensive gift or FAVOR for a tea party - you just inspired me!!!! So glad you shared.

    1. They would be so darling at a tea party! What a great idea!

  4. These are adorable! I will definitaly make some of these for my sisters and mother for their birthdays!!
    Abi Ant

  5. Wonderful! A cute and different gift. Happy New Year!