Thursday, February 25, 2016

Frozen Pinto Beans

Frozen pinto beans! Such a timesaver! When I open my freezer and see these delightful ziploc bags I can't help but smile. 
Whenever beans are needed for a meal I simply grab a bag in the morning, lay it in the sink or on a plate set off to the side, and allow it to thaw until time to cook. If for some reason I forget to thaw it out ahead of time I just pop it in a sink full of hot water. 
Let me tell you the simple steps to having your own freezer full of a "convient meal." 

Soak your beans overnight, rinse in the morning, add clean water, cook until the beans are done. Do not season them. You'll do that at a later date when you reheat them. Once beans are cooked take them off the heat and allow to cool. After they are cooled start placing them in a storage container of your choice. Slap a label on with date, contents (I skipped this step since my freezer meals are low right now. I know exactly what these are and will have them ate up before I add more freezer meals), and the amount you froze. For our family I do 3 cups per bag. Sometimes I'll need to grab a second bag but usually one bag does just fine. Freeze in proportions that suit your family. Tada! An easy convient food just waiting on you to reheat and eat. These will last 6 months in a freezer. Hope you ladies enjoy!!!! 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Music to my ears

When it comes to entertainment my family is quite the picky bunch. We strive to keep the world out and to not please the flesh but the Spirit. This means our choices are limited. When it comes to music our main picks are old time gospel songs, Scripture songs (Scriptures we make our own tunes to), classical music such as Beethoven, and bluegrass (just the instruments or with lyrics that match the standards laid out in Scripture).
With all that said I'd like to share some songs/artists that we find enjoyable. 

Scripture Songs by Abgail Miller
I like to play this randomly. It's a blessing to hear my children singing along with Abigail. 


Children are a blessing by Abigail Miller. 
A lovely song for mothers! 


Greenbeans in the garden by The West Ladies
I adore this song!!! And my children love the video. 

Echo by The Okee Dokee Brothers
I love the yodeling in this song! All their videos have beautiful scenery! Oh how they make me want to grab a pack and hit the trails with my family!!!! 

What about you? What are some of your favorite songs/artists?