Friday, April 1, 2016

One woman's trash....

We recently moved out of our apartment to a trailer in a trailer park. While it's not my ideal home, as in it's not secluded in the woods with acres to farm and livestock, it's definitely a step up from an apartment. If everything goes as planned I'll be able to have a small garden and maybe get an angora rabbit. The rabbit will provide wool to knit with. Learning to drop spin yarn and to knit are on my to do list. I can crochet but have yet to find a crochet sock pattern so time to learn knitting. Anyways, that's more then what you came for!! What I really wanted to share with you were some material things the Lord blessed us with when we moved into this house. 

This beautiful tray was found in the drawer on the bottom of the stove. I'm sure this lovely was forgotten. I find it too pretty to cook with so have opted to use it as decoration. 

This plate and the plate in the background holding my homemade bread were left behind. The front plate has a couple of more dinner size plates that match it and small salad size ones as well. Pictured with my bread is homemade strawberry honey freezer jam. I plan to blog more on both of these so stay tuned. 

This beautiful bowl was left behind. It's holding my bread dough. This recipe impressed me with it's rise. Best thing about it is that it only requires four ingredients, water, yeast, flour, and salt. 

There's a whole set of these! Teacups, teacup plates?,  these three sizes, two sizes of bowls, and two mugs!!!

These beautiful floral engraved silverware were also found! 

Here's the complete set minus the mugs. I can't believe I forgot to add those. 

Also left at the house was a matching vanity with a bench and a four drawer dresser, a two drawer nighstand, a three shelf rolling cart, a table that sits 6 without the leafs added.
You know the woman's trash is another woman's treasure. Thanks for letting me share our beautiful trash turned treasures with you. I love when the Lord blesses us with such things. He is truly a loving Father :) 


  1. What a find! Love the vintage gold-patterned Corelle.

    1. Thank you. I was happy to rescue it all. Glad you stopped by :)