Sunday, June 26, 2016

Meant to be Modest Review and Giveaway

Meant  to  be  Modest: A Call for  Women to  Return  to  Modesty By Nicole Crone 

Modesty  is  a  topic  dear and  near to  my  heart. I  was  so  excited  to  review  Nicole’s book  for her! Reading  through  it  you  can  tell  that  her heart is  set  on  pleasing  the  Lord  and  encouraging  women to biblically  consider  their  clothing  choices.  The  Scriptures aren't  silent  on  the  issue  of attire. If  you  read Proverbs  7:10  you’ll  see  that  there  is attire  that  makes one  look  like  a  harlot  (And, behold, there met  him a  woman with the  attire of  an  harlot,  and  subtil of  heart.)  This is in  direct  contrast  with  what God commands of  godly  women. Nicole does  an excellent  job  of providing  scripture  to  explain  the  biblical mandate  for  Christian  women to dress  modestly.   She  does  this in a gentle  way  continuously  reminding the reader  that  while  God  commands us  ladies  to  dress modestly  He  doesn’t  have  a cookie  cutter approach  to  it,  each  family  will arrive  at  their  own standards. The  general  rule  is  to  cover  your body  so  as not  to  draw  attention  to  yourself but  to  give  God  all  the  glory, to  be  light  in  a  dark  world,  and  to  not cause  a brother  to  stumble. What do  I  mean by  God  doesn’t  have  a cookie  cutter  approach?  Well I  mean He  doesn’t say  that  your dress  must  be  4  inches below  the  knees  or  that  you  must  wear only  plain colored clothes, etc. There is a bit of freedom in that area as long as the general rule is met.

 In  the  first  chapter  Nicole  dives into  defining  modesty.  Modesty  is  not  necessarily  just  clothing related. Nicole reminds us ladies  that  a gentle  and  quiet  spirit is precious  to  God.    I like  the  way  she describes  it  as a  form  of holiness. She states,  “Dressing  modestly  is  a  form  of holiness. It  is  a way  for us to  be  set  apart for  the  Lord  in a way  that  is pleasing  to  Him.”   During  the  first  chapter  Nicole  gently reminds us  that  as new  creatures  in  Christ  all  things are  new  and  the  old  are  passed away. All things include  our attire.  When  the  precious blood  of  the lamb  Jesus washes  over  us,  in  that  moment,  in the twinkling  of  an eye,  we  are  born  again. We  are  changed. We  are  different. And  because  of that  our  lives in  every  part  will  change. Our actions  will reflect  being  born  again. We’ll have  godly  fruit. Of  course,  not all  this happens right  away  as sanctification  is a  lifelong  event  but  at  some  point  in  time,  bit by  bit,  things change.

 Nicole  continues  to  touch  on  why  dressing  modestly  is  important. She  presents  quite  a bit  of Scripture  to  back  up  her claims.  She  touches  on  quite  a  few  different  topics in the  world  of  modesty  such as  does Jesus  care  about  what  we  wear, head  coverings, and  swimsuits  just  to  name  a few.  While coverings swimsuits  she’s kind  enough  to  provide  websites  to  modest  swimsuits.  Very  convenient  for the reader.   There’s  mention  of  men  and  modesty  too.  Most  people,  when  dealing  with  this  topic,  forget that  modesty  isn’t just  for  women  but  for  men too.  I like  the  fact  that  she included  this bit  of information  in her  book  along  with  Scripture  to  prove  her  point.    In  one  chapter  she  gets personal with the reader  by  sharing  her  own  testimony  from  the  1980s retro  look  to  the  long, practical, denim  skirt. Quite  the  change. At  one  point  she  quotes  a lady  who  refers  to  dressing  modestly  as  “missionary fashion.”  I  really  like  that.  “Missionary  fashion.”  Simple  and  to  the  point.     At  the  end  of  each chapter Nicole has  included thoughts  to  ponder in  a  question  format. This  makes  putting  together  a ladies  bookstudy  that  much easier. You  don’t  have  to  think  of questions  yourself  though  if  you  desire  to  you shouldn’t let anything stop you. Her book is a short read and I do believe you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

 I cherished  my  time  reading  her delightful  book.    It reinforced  my  beliefs. However,  there  were some  things I disagreed  with  her on  and  just  flat  out  disliked. I disagreed with  her  view  on  1  Timothy 2:8,9  in  regards  to  worship. I dislike  the fact  that  she quotes  numerous  versions  of the  Bible.  That  just annoys  me.  Personally  I read  the  KJV  only. A  book  that  quotes  otherwise  isn’t  going  to  scare  me  off.  I’ll just  pick up  my  bible and  check  the  Scripture  they’re  quoting  to  make  sure it’s  in  context  and  to  see what the  KJV reads as. I do  this with  any book,  even if  they  quote  the  KJV. But what I can’t  stand  is  when numerous versions are  quoted. It’s like  bible  ADHD. Just  pick  a  version  and  stick  with it. Another thing that annoys me is the cover. I don't understand why immodest pictures are put on the cover of books speaking against immodesty.  It's contradictory. I keep reminding myself, "don't judge a book by its cover." I encourage you to do the same because the contents of the book are great. Those  are  minor things in the big  scheme.

I  own  the kindle  edition  and  guess what!!!  My  copy  won’t  become  friends with the delete  button. Out  of five  stars I give  the book  four. One star being  taken off  due  to  the  reasons listed in the above paragraph.

Nicole is  a  homeschooling  mom  to  seven  children. She  enjoys  writing, reading, sewing, and blogging. She  has  written  a  novel, A  Young  Mother’s  Redemption,  which  was published  in January  2016. Also  published  by  her is  a devotional for  moms,  31  Days  of Rest:  A  Daily  Devotional for  the  Weary  Mom.

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  1. Sorry I didn't get to this post on time! We have been real busy as of late! Thank you for sharing this honest review. I will be showcasing it on Monday for our special MODESTY edition! :)

  2. Hi Jes,
    I imagine you are quite busy as of late. Thanks for showcasing it. I can't wait to see the other posts! :)

  3. When I read the author's blog post about her knew book and questioned the photo on the front of it, she stated it was a stock photo and, according to her standard, the back of the dress is modest. I wondered not only what the front might look like and also if it would be deemed modest.

    Modesty. Isn't that indeed judging a book by the cover? I think yes. It reveals, as JES stated on her blog, what is in a person's heart.


    1. Mrs. Kelley, thanks for stopping by. The author published through createspace so I figured it was a stock photo. Thanks for that info none the less. :)

      When wearing t-shirts that need a little extra under them I usually wear a tank top backwards. The author mentions she does this as well. I just happened to have a tank top with sleeves that are the same fashion as the ladies dress. The top of my tank top comes all the way up to my collar bone and the back hangs down a bit with the style of sleeves in the picture. I asked my husband if he thought my tank top was modest and if he would be ok with me going in piblic wearing that. I got a fast answer. A firm no. So I based my conclusions on my husbands reaction. I should note that my hair was down too so as to portray the cover accurately.
      Though the front of my shirt went up to my collar bone it was still not modest. It draws way too much attention to places that attention shouldn't be on. Best case scenario the above photo was the same in the front as my tank top which was still deemed unacceptable by my mister. That's my two cents for what it's worth.

      Have a great week. *Hugs* :)