Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A-B-C Say It With Me

(Included in our package was a handout for Samaritan Ministries, our DVD, and a thoughtful note)

A-B-C Say  it  With  Me  Bible  Memory  Verses  is such  a  cute  film. My  children adored  it!  It’s  about  an hour long. The  film  goes  through  the  alphabet  giving  a  bible  verse  for each  letter  with  a skit  to  show  the meaning. For  example, the  letter  A stands  for,  “All  we  like  sheep have  gone  astray,”  Isaiah  53:6.  They then show  a boy  climbing  down a  hill after  a  lost  lamb.  The  boy  catches the  lamb  and  returns it  to  the flock. It’s  a  way  to  reinforce  the bible  verse  and  to  make  it  come  alive  for little  children.  Now  I  am  a  firm believer that the word of God is ENOUGH. However, there is nothing wrong with visual reminders. Read more about it here and watch the trailer as well

 The  film  was  beautifully  shot  by  the  Moore  family. Their farm  and  home  is so  homey. Really  there  is no other  word  to  describe  it.  Their place  is  just  one  of  those  places  that  if you  were  to  go  you  wouldn’t want to  leave. It  is  beautiful.  There  are  shots  of  horses, sheep, baby  birds,  etc.

  Throughout  the  film  you  can  see  the  love  the  family  has for each other.  We  watched the  behind  scenes  as well  and  the  love  is  definitely  real,  not  just  show.  The  family  stands  out. Seriously  they  stand  out  in  a good  way. I  admire  them.  The  ladies are  all  modestly  dressed.  My  daughters  and  I  were  awing  over some  of the  ladies  outfits. I  was  even telling  my  husband  about  it. He,  unfortunately, did  not  get  the pleasure  of watching  the  film  with us.  Yet. The  Moore  family  is  quite  large  too  which  also  makes  them stand  out.

  My children really  didn’t  like  to  see  the  film  end. They  were  encouraged by  the  Moore  family.  At  one point  in  the  film  the  mother comes out  and  sees  some  of her  children  watching  a  Crowe’s Nest  video surrounded by  lots  of  toys.  She  tells  them  to  pick  up the mess.  The children  are  heard  saying  Philippians 2:14, “Do  all things without  murmurings  and  disputings.”  The  children clean  the room,  mom  comes  in,  and  they  all celebrate  by  hugging. How  sweet. My  children  have  actually  been quoting  that  verse  when I tell them  to pick up!!! Oh  how  it  blesses this  mother to  hear her  children quoting  Scripture  to  get  through  a  task. The word  of God  is  living  and  powerful!   At another  point  in  the  film  it  shows  some  children writing  Scripture  on  paper. One  of  the  girls  later hands one  to  her  harried  waiter. It’s  a  sweet  moment  of a  child  fulfilling  the  Great  Commission. Just acting  I know,  but  it  serves  as a  reminder  to  my  children  that they  aren’t so  weird  after  all. And  they’re not. I do  like  that  they  include  the homemade  Gospel  tract  scene. I can  see  some  of those  being  made  in our future. They present the Gospel at the end as well. A great way to end a sweet film.

This is definitely  a  safe  film. You  could  turn  it  on  and  leave  the  room  without  having  to  worry  about what your  children are  watching. Bonus for  me  is  that  they  use  KJV  scripture. All  and  all  we  really enjoyed A-B-C Say  It  With  Me  Bible  Memory  Verses. I  asked  my  children  to  rate  it  for  me. They  give  it five stars….which means they LOVE IT!

  Now  my  review  on  the  Moore  family  themselves,  from  my  limited  contact  with  them  through  email,  is that they’re  a  sweet  family.  Honestly. They  were  professional and  kind.  I  enjoyed  working  with  them  to bring  this review  to  you  dear readers!  If  you’ll  do  yourself a  favor and  hop  on  over  to  their  website to  purchase  this film  or  one  of  their  others  for  your  wee  little  ones,  that  would  be  awesome. Not  only are you  benefiting  yourself  (because  we  all know  how  hard  it  is to  find  family  friendly,  godly  movies)  but you’re  also  supporting  a  brother  and  sister  in Christ. I  receive  no  commission  for  this and was given a copy in exchange for an honest review (FTC rules). My  honest  opinion is that this  film  is  a great  way  to  encourage  your children in  the  faith.  You can purchase it on their website Moore Family Films or on Amazon.

Have you seen this film? Or any of their other films? What are your thoughts on it? If you havent seen it do you plan to watch it soon?

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