Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A Keeper at the Homestead Tip: Onions

At least once a week we have tacos. Taco's are an easy meal, as healthy as you want them, and can feed a crowd. Now, personally, I love my tacos loaded down with onions!

 It's funny how taste buds change with time. Onions use to make me gag. In fact, I don't remember considering eating an onion, by choice, until I seen my Mamaw eating raw green onions from her garden. She talked me into taking a bite. Since then I've been hooked. I have onions on my pancakes, in my milkshakes, on everything!!!! Ok I'm joking. But I do love onions on my taco y'all!!!!

Onions contain vitamin C which helps improve immunity. They've been shown to lower cholesterol when eaten in their raw form so load your tacos down! They help regulate your blood sugar. Onions do so much more!!! I just don't have time to list all their health benefits. Unless you're eating the onion greens you don't have to buy organic onions. The bulbs are hardy and rarely, if ever, come in contact with spray.

I wanted to share a Keeper at the Homestead tip with you. After you peel your onions and right before you cut them, if you'll run them under some water for a little bit that will ease the tears of joy they force out of you. Sometimes you get a real strong onion that will cause you to cry no matter how long you run water on it. If that's the case, well, grin and bear it. Enjoy!


  1. This seems simple enough and won't take a lot of time. Thanks for sharing! I cry every time I cut them.

    1. Hi Shannon, thanks for stopping by. It really is simple and a big help. It's not foul proof though. Some onions are stubborn and want to make you cry no matter what you do! Have a great week :)