Friday, July 15, 2016

Audio Memory

(A personal touch was added to our package. I love it when people do this!! It makes mail day that much better. :))

Singing is an excellent way to remember things. I use this method to teach my children Scripture. We pick out a verse, make our own tune, sing our hearts out, and praise the Lord I can hear them singing quietly to themselves at random times throughout the day. So when I discovered Larry and Kathy Troxel's CDs I was as giddy as a school girl homeschool mom! Allow me to share my discovery with you. Larry and Kathy have put together a musical curriculum. And let me tell you the songs are catchy! You'll find yourself singing about verbs, states and their capitals, and geography just to name a few. They have  CD's that teach grammar, geography, states and capitals, multiplication, addition, etc. We'll take a closer look at the first three.

Grammar Songs by Kathy Troxel
In this "curriculum" you get a CD with 19 songs, a student workbook that includes lyrics to the songs, and a teacher answer book. My children and I listened to the first few songs, went back and repeated them while trying to sing along, and then I orally "tested" them to see if they had learned anything. My two older girls were able to tell me about verbs and even supplied a few examples. We worked through the workbook pages together. If I were to give grades they would have made a 90 and up. My children aren't geniuses. Well I tend to think they're brilliant. However, that's a mothers point of view. They're normal children. Singing and listening to a song over and over again drilled the information into their minds. They were learning without realizing it. Music is power y'all. We have to make careful decision when choosing what to allow in our home.

Geography Songs by Larry and Kathy Troxel
With this "curriculum" you get a CD with 34 songs, a detailed map that you can color, and a booklet that has the lyrics as well as more maps and various information. Through song you'll learn the continents, oceans, countries, and the solar system just to name a few. The end of the book has a crossword puzzle for children to complete.

States and Capitals Songs
This "curriculum" includes a CD with 14 songs and a map of the United States. We love how she includes the distinction in the states by the way she says some capitals and states. I'll use my homestate as an example. Austin, Texas is sung with a hick accent and followed by a yeehaw! We liked to have hot wheels drive from state to state as she sung the songs.

I read once where a homeschool mom taped the maps to her kitchen table and laid a clear table cloth on top of them which was taped down as well. This protected the maps and allowed her children to have access to the maps at all times. My children and I love the CDs. Theyre fun to sing along with, they're educational, and best thing is that children don't realize they're learning. Talk about Deuteronomy 6 education. Learning through living. Or you might not this style  of education as Charlotte Mason. I give the CDs five stars. We love them! They're super handy for taking school on the go, popping one into the radio and coloring away, practicing map skills by having hot wheels drive across the maps while listening to the CDs, etc. I do hope you will give these a try in your homeschool this year. You will be blessed. It doesn't take long to reap the benefits either. My 4yr old knows some of her states and capitals just from listening along side her sisters!

If interested you can listen to some of the Troxel's songs and watch an educational videa along with the song at:

Kathy is a sweet lady. She is extremely kind and oh so easy to talk to. I enjoyed working with her to bring this review to you my dear readers. I recieved a copy of the above three CDs in exchange for an HONEST review (FTC rules). I recieve no commission nor was I required to write a positive review. My honest opinion is that the CDs are well worth the investment. They've benefitted us and I know they'll benefit you too. So do your homeschool a favor and hop on over to buy some educational material.

Bonus: The music is safe. By that I mean it's not rock music or hip hop. It's clean and safe.

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