Friday, July 22, 2016

Crafting! It's what you do!

I've been busy crafting away over in my neck of the prairie! Here's a few things I've accomplished so far. 

My notebook and pen received a make over. 

My first dress to crochet up. It's far from perfect. I made it for a dear sister in Christ who is expecting her first sweet girl here soon. 

We celebrated a birthday. I got to try my hand at some cake decorating. What do you think of the rose? 

I picked this fabric up at the thrift store. The white one is a huge, incomplete, homemade pillowcase. There's two of those. I'm going to attempt to convert them to dresses. And attempt to make a dress out of the heart material. Oh by the way, I'll have a review for a sewing curriculum soon. I'm still working my way through it. 

$3.50 for hopefully three dresses!!! 

I got tired of my husband's highlighters lying around so I decided to cover a jar  in cardstock, hot glue some buttons on, and  store them all nice and neat in one place! He likes to highlight his Bible. Each color represents a topic. 

Have a good weekend friends!

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