Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Handbook of Nature Study lived out

"The only right way to begin plant study with young children is through awakening their interest in and love for flowers. Most children love flowers naturally; they enjoy bringing flowers to school, and here, by teaching recognition of flowers by name, may be begun this delightful study. The teacher may say: "Thank you, John, for this bouquet. Why, here is a pansy, a bachelor's button, a larkspur, and a poppy." Or, "Julia has brought me a beautiful flower. What is its name, I wonder?" Then may follow a little discussion, which the teacher leads to the proper conclusion. If this course is consistently followed, the children will learn the names of the common flowers of wood, field, and garden, and never realize that they are studying anything." -The Handbook of Nature Study

"...a lens is a help in almost all of this work because it is such a joy to the child to gaze at the wonders it reveals." - The Handbook of Nature Study

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