Monday, August 22, 2016

Berry Berry Good Fluoride Free Oral Care

When it comes to products my family uses I can be very picky. I like to make a lot of things myself. However, toothpaste is not one of those things. I've tried the baking soda method but was disappointed in it. So we just opted to continue using store bought. I would buy fluoride free toothpaste for the kids. I never seen any for adults and couldn't beibg myself to use "training" toothpaste! How babyish!  Thankfully I came across Dr. Sharp's Oral Care! We've been using it for, approximately, the last two weeks and LOVE it!
(Photo taken from Dr Sharp's website)

My kids love the berry flavored toothpaste! Shucks the mister and I do too! The mint is pleasant as well. Your teeth are left feeling super clean! We follow up our brushing with Dr. Sharp's mouthwash and floss. Both products are excellent and go above and beyond our expectation. The toothpaste is GMO free, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate free, Gluten free, Paraben free, Alcohol free, and vegan!!! And the toothpaste is safe for the whole family! You can use one tube from baby all the way up to Grandpa! Yay for not having to buy seperate products! My family is pleased with this product. It is definitely my first choice when buying oral care! I'm so glad I discovered them. Make sure to check out Dr. Sharp's website as there is so much information on there in regards to fluoride use and dentists that are fluoride free in practice.

Disclaimer: I recieved a sample in exchange for an HONEST review. My opinions are my own. I only recommend products my family and/or I have personally used.

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