Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Squash Boom Beet

"Stomp your feet. Squash the ground. 
It’s time to explore all around.
March to the garden. Listen to the beat. 
Get ready to find something wild to eat." 

 Squash Boom Beet is such a cute book that teaches children their ABCs as well as encourages them to eat healthy.  In this book children are introduced to vegetables and fruits alike; some are quite interesting. I've never heard of them before. Lisa does an excellent job of making the food look and sound appetizing.
 26 letters and 26 (plus some) veggies and fruit! Who knew there was such a selection!!!! 
It's a rhyme book so don't be surprised if you find yourself singing it instead of reading it.  
The photogrpahy is stunning! And Lisa did it all herself! 
I highly recommend this book. My children love it. 

Get your copy at Squash Boom Beet!!!

I recieved a copy in exchange for an HONEST review. 

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