Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Why You Should Choose Cloth

Part 1 of The Cloth Diaper Series

Why You Should Choose Cloth

I'm going to give you some fact based reasons followed by some opinionated ones. Regardless of what I say the decision is a personal one. You'll have to decide what you'll use on your own baby. You're the mom. Not me. Rest assured I won't stand in judgement or look down upon you. I've used disposables at different times in my life. I still do. I cloth diaper exclusively at home but when I'm taking a cross country trip or I'm camping than convience wins. I use disposables.

So why should you choose cloth?

1-Cloth are cheaper

Ok, this isn't always the case. If you have one child and buy the most expensive cloth diapers out there than you'll most likely pay more or right around what you would on your child's disposable diaper years. But if you're like me and go as cheap as possible and use your diapers on multiple kiddos, you'll come out WAY ahead. My start up system costed roughly $120 for two kids. With two kids I went through two $20 box of disposables in one month so right around $40 a month. My cloth diaper start up was the same price as three months of disposables. I got two years out of my covers and am on my third year using my diapers. I'll share more about what I'm using later. If you do the math you can see the savings adds up fairly fast. You are basically throwing money away with each disposable diaper change.

2-Cloth are eco friendly

Disposables take a long time to decompose. By long time I mean hundreds of years. Possibly thousands. They're really not sure how long. Here is an excellent post on, The Dangers of Disposables Diapers.

3- Cloth are healthier

Cloth diapers are made up of, usually, natural things such as cotton and bamboo. Disposables consist of all kinds of chemicals and fragrances that you are placing near your baby's delicate parts. Because you change more frequently with cloth your baby is less likely to develop a rash. If your baby develops a rash you'll search out a natural ointment which won't damage your diapers and is way better for baby. Therefore cloth are healthier for your baby. Nine times out of ten cloth are the beginning of your natural living journey.

4-Cloth are cute

A baby in a cloth diaper is cute! There's so much character compared to a white plastic throw away diaper.

5-Cloth are homestead friendly

By this I mean that cloth diapers go hand in hand with the homestead, self sufficient lifestyle. You can make your own flat fold or prefolds out of a sheet or fleece blanket. You can even  make pockets or all in ones or whatever kind you desire. You can crochet or knit a wool diaper cover or sew a PUL diaper cover if you desire. What you can't do is make a disposable diaper. You don't have access to the chemicals nor a lab to play mad scientist in. If you're a homeschool mom, Im sorry to say but you're kitchen doesn't count in this case. ;)

6- Cloth are normal

Seriously y'all things are backwards. What was normal fifty years ago is not normal now.
These things were normal once upon a time:
•stay at home moms
•cloth diapering

Now these things are normal and the previous list is frowned upon:
•Exiting the womb by force or through the stomach (I understand this is necessary at times. We do live in a fallen world. None the less, the exception shouldn't the rule),
•Turning our childrens precious minds over to strangers public schools
• Women that desire to be a man feminism, work away from home mom
•Plastic diapers that you throw away after each use. Honey he just pooped please hand me a five dollar bill. Here throw this five dollars away.
• Artificial nipples.

*Please note that I understand we live in a fallen world. That not everyones bodies function as they should nor is everyone able to do the things they prefer. I'm not poking fun of you. My issues stand with those who frown upon the natural things. An example would be a mom who discreetly sits down to breastfeed her child, she's got a nursing cover on so she is modest, yet another mom in the room has the nerve to tell the others in the same room that moms who breastfeed in front of others are nasty.

7-Grandma did it so can I
Enough said :)

Remember I said I do use disposables. It's rare but I do use them. This is a personal decision that each family will have to decide on their own.

Do you have any reasons to add to this list?

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