Monday, August 8, 2016

Wool Diaper Cover (info and review)


Wool covers are as natural as you can get in the cloth diaper world. Wool has three mechanisms that man made fibers don't have.
Those mechanisms are:
1-Water Repellent
Wool keeps sheep dry due to the lanolin which is an oil from the sheeps skin. It's similiar to a duck oiling his feathers to keep them dry.

Wool is an amazing fiber! It will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Because wool is so breathable it doesn't trap in baby's heat which cuts down on diaper rashes.

3-Moisture absorbency
Once you get past the water repellent part of wool you'll discover that there's another part which absorbs water. So wool both repels and absorbs water. It's actually a scientific process.

As far as I am aware no man made diaper cover, such as PUL covers, have all three mechanisms. The way God deisgned His creation is amazing!

My three reasons for choosing wool covers are as follows:

1-They leave me in awe of my Creator
As mentioned above, God designed everything in such an amazing way! Wool is one of His beautiful, awe inspiring creations!

2-Wool is natural
I chose cloth diapers not only because they're frugal for multiple kids but because they are natural. I desire a simple and natural life. Wool covers aid me in reaching that goal.

3-I can make wool covers myself
I can crochet them and plan to add to my stash by doing just this. One can knit or sew them as well.

But if you lack those skills or the time to do it than buying is an option. I'll discuss my favorite wool cover now.

I got Nickie's Diapers Overnight Wool Cover in size medium and the color stone. Stone is a neutral color so both boys and girls can use it. Which means handy me downs! Which means savings! If you have or plan to have multiple kids than shop neutral in everything but clothes. Size medium fits babies from 14-22lbs. My chunky 6month old can fit it just fine with room to grow.

This cover is awesome! With my 6month old I was having to using a flat with a prefold insert in a PUL cover. He is such a heavy wetter that a cover and one diaper wasn't cutting the job. However, I can use just a prefold or just a flat with a wool cover and have zero leakage. The wool is softer too! My baby's sensitive skin appreciates it!

A lot of people choose to use wool only at night since it's so absorbant and water repellent. But other folks, like me, choose to use them full time. While this specific cover is sold as an "overnight" cover it can be used during the day too. Really it's your choice. This cover is 95% merino wool and 5% spandex. The spandex allows it to have a bit of stretch to make it easier to pull on and off baby.

When lanolized a wool cover is antibacterial, making it self cleaning. It's an economical choice since you don't have to wash as much. With washing cut down you really don't need as many covers. With one baby you could get away with three covers. Wool covers only need to be washed every 3months or so unless soiled. Nickie's Diapers recommends washing and lanolizing every 3-4weeks. You'll find what suits you.

Wool covers have to be handwashed and line dried. It's quite the easy process. I'll explain this in another post.

So to sum up my thoughts on Nickie's Diapers Overnight Wool Diaper cover I'll list what I love about it.
•Super soft
•Water repellent
•Nice fit
•Excellent quality

Nickie of Nickie's Diapers is also the founder of PlanetWise. I was excited to find this out. And really the quality of my cover and my PlanetWise items are excellent. I'm not disappointed at all.

I have two PlanetWise Diaper Pail Liner that I use interchangeably in a thrash can.

At least one is washed once every day and line dried. I've had them for about 6months now and love them! The quality is great. I mention this because, like I said earlier, Nickie of Nickie's Diapers is the founder of PlanetWise. Rest assured if you're purchasing from them, you're purchasing high quality items. After using this particular wool cover I'm sold! PUL doesn't do it for me anymore. They're not the same. Stay tuned because I'll be reviewing some PUL covers soon. This is part 4 of my Cloth Diaper Series. To read the rest of my posts in this series go here.

Disclaimer:I recieved a diaper cover in exchange for an HONEST review. I only recommend products that myself or my family has personally used. If I like something I tell you. If I don't like it I tell you.

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