Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A dash of this, A pinch of that

Dear friends,

I thought I would take the opportunity to update you as there for a bit it was review after review. 

We are, at the moment, enjoying fresh fall air. We have had to take our jackets out. This country is vastly different from where I grew up and lived until a year ago. I love the weather here. As surprising and crazy as it sounds I am eagerly awaiting my first blizzard. Being here helps me understand more of where Laura Ingalls is coming from in her famous Little House series. 

Speaking of Little House we are almost through book 8 in our family read aloud. 

 I have not forgotten my Cloth diaper series. I intend to start back with it soon. I also have other ideas for blog posts running through my mind. This head of mine always seems to be going. Alas it keeps my husband on his toes :) 

When Im not here writing I'm busy crafting, researching, homeschooling, reading (hence the numerous book reviews), and a million other things. 

I have a shelf full of books that are in need of being read. Oh the discoveries I'll make!!! Our local-ish thrift store has free books. This past time I went I was able to get the kids quite a few! I see it as a blessing! To me, books are an investment.
Edit to add: The books I'm refrencing here are personal ones that I do not have a deadline on, so to speak. 

Well until next time toodles! 

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