Monday, September 19, 2016

Home Economics: You CAN Sew! By Modesty Matters

Home Economics: You CAN Sew!!!

Modesty Matters has put out an excellent sewing curriculum! They also have a quilting one! How exciting is that!

Their curriculum is designed to teach you sewing fron start to finish. If you are brand new to sewing or a struggling seamstress than this is the thing for you! Regardless of whether you are a visual learner or not you'll benefit! The curriculum comesin a spiral bound book with the lessons and excersices wrote out in text. At the back is your DVD set and your project CD. I encourage you to both read the text and watch the video to not only reinforce what you read but also because some things are only mentioned in one or the other (not major things).

 You are taught the basics such as sewing machine parts, threading your sewing machine, and operating it. Alongside these lessons is homework that is aimed to help you remember what you have learned. From here you go on ti learn the difference in fabrics, the difference in threads, coordinating colors, the importance of ironing, how to pin and cut a pattern, and finally sewing that pattern. Now of course I did NOT list everything you'll learn. By the time you complete all the lessons you'll have sewn three projects alongside your virtual teacher.  I can guarantee with this course you'll be confident behind your machine and will be wearing your own handmade dress before you know it!

Sewing is a lost skill that  can not afford to be forgotten. Modest clothing is getting harder and harder to find. While handmade items are not necessarily cheaper they are, depending on the seamstress, more modest, more feminine, and more unique than what the world has to offer.

If you are a homemaker or have a little homemaker in the making, that desires to learn the art of sewing, I could not recommend a better teacher than Modest Matters.

I recieved a course in exchange for an HONEST review.


  1. This sounds like a great resource! I have very basic sewing skills, but I would like to learn more. Perhaps as my girls get older we can use a tool like this together.

    1. That would be a great way to get in some mother daughter time :)