Friday, September 16, 2016

Isaac Newton and Physics for Kids by Kerrie Logan Hollihan

Isaac Newton and Physics for Kids
His Life and Ideas with 21 Activities 
By Kerrie Logan Hollihan 

This book is an informative and interesting read. It starts off with Isaac's childhood and ends with his death. His childhood was tragic. His father, who Isaac was named after, died when his mother was six months with child. She then remarried a wealthy man. But the deal wasn't smooth. In order to marry this wealthy man she had to leave Isaac behind with his grandparents. At this time Isaac was 3. Hannah, his mother, did not return until Issac was 10. When she did return she had three new children. Isaac was with his mother a short two years before heading off to school. Out of 12years he was with his mother five. Depsite her abstinence he remained committed to her. He even gave her medicine when she was ill. Keep his tragic story in mind when reading about him. This effected him so much that he was awkward and withdrawn-my theory anyways.  A parent's attention and affection means so much.

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