Sunday, September 4, 2016

Suaoki Solar Lantern

My family and I just got back from a trip to the mountains! Ah what a spirit refresher! Since leaving my piney woods behind and moving cross country I have learnt to be content on the prairie. However, I have to admit I do miss trees!

While camping I took along a handy little light!

 It's compact and light so it added zero noticeable weight to my pack. As you can see in the picture it unfolds into a fan shape. It's solar powered which is a BIG plus! It's a great offgrid light!!! As you all know tent camping in the mountains is totally offgrid camping. If you're looking for campgrounds may I recommend two to you? We enjoyed St Mary's campground in Glacier National Park and Pebble Creek campground in Yellowstone. If you camp at Pebble Creek than you MUST drive the Beartooth Highway! Trust me you'll enjoy it.  For whatever reason the plastic piece on my panels had unremovable  air bubbles. This doesn't effect the function of the light. The light has a hook at the top that you can use to hook in the center of your tent as you can see in the picture.

The light is BRIGHT which makes it an excellent choice for hanging in your tent. Our tent is gigantic, 8men tent, so the light didn't shine in the corners. However, if my tent was smaller it would have lit up the whole thing. It was so convient not having to maneuver around in a dark tent with one hand holding a flashlight or trying to hold the light with my neck or between my cheek and shoulder.
The light has three modes-bright, dim, and flashing.
Ah yes the convience of a lightweight, solar powered, hook hanging, bright light makes camping easier. Yes, this will definitely be making many more trips with us!!!

Get your own Suaoki Solar Lantern by clicking here.

*I recieved a sample in exchange for an HONEST review. All thoughts are my own. I only recommend products I have personally used and enjoyed.

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