Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Who Pooped in the Park? By Gary D. Robson

Who Pooped in the Park? 

I have dealt with poop quite a bit in my lifetime-cleaning up after animals, diaper changes during my baby sitting years, and now TONS of diapers in motherhood. But never once have I been excited over poop......until I seen this book! Seriously y'all! When the mail lady brought the package to me I may or may not have been jumping up and down and she may or may not have ran away from the mad woman who lives in a shoe with so many children! Ok, I'm exaggerating but by golly I sure was excited over fecal matter! 

This book is an  awesome book. It tells a tale of a family taking a rrip to Yellowstone. On the trip Dad and Mom teach Emily and Micheal about identifying animals using the clues they leave behind, specifically scat and tracks. Who doesn't love playing Sherlock Holmes with animal scat?! My kids do!

 We read the book as soon as it arrived! It was very informative. The illustrations, by Elijah Brady Clark, are well done. They match up with the authors descriptuon of the tracks making it easy to understand exactly what you're looking at and why. To explain what I mean when I say "why" I'll give a quick paraphrase from the story. The author describes a badger print and then explains why it looks the way it does, I.e. the badger has long claws that he uses like a shovel to dig his house.

 Gary teaches you how to identify deer, elk, badger, bison and even the dreadful bear! But that's not all!! There are other animals mentioned. I just don't want to spoil the book! He even teaches you how to distinguish between elk and deer by examining their scat. Also you can tell how close an animal is or what they've eaten by examining it. No, nobody in the book is poking around in poo with their fingers. They go about it in nore sanitary ways. 

The book also has a bit of history weaved in. You'll learn what indians used in place of firewood and the history of the word bison and buffalo. It's an informative read for anyone visiting Yellowstone, studying mountain wildlife, or who just dwells in the mountains. It's an easy read as well so it makes a great book for a second grade-ish reader and beyond. Gary handles the topic well and the illustrations are detailed yet appropriate. You won't be grossed out, I promise. Id you'll excuse me I'm off to look at the rest of Gary's series.  Head on over to a FARCOUNTRY PRESS to pick up your own copy. 

I recieved a copy in exchange for an HONEST review. 

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